Wine Bag

Wine Bag

One of our local fabric stores is closing, so all of their inventory is marked WAY down!!!  So, I snagged lots of these upholstery fabric samples for $1 each for various crafting ideas.  Here is a sample of some of the fabrics I grabbed ….


For this project, I am going to make some darling Wine Bags to use, or to give as gifts for friends to use.  This tutorial is also a great way to use up those awkward pieces of fabric we have left after sewing garments or home decorating projects!  Almost any kind of fabric will work for these cute bags!

First, mark and cut your fabric piece to 16 1/2″ by 12 1/4″, and then make marks at 1/2″ and 3″ down from the top of the narrower width.



Next, iron the fabric to the inside, down 1/2″, then again down to the 3″ mark.



Now, using a coordinating thread, sew near the edge of this turned-down section.


Next, fold your fabric in half, right sides together, and sew along the side and the bottom of  what will be your wine bag.  I used my serger for this step, but you can certainly use a regular sewing machine …. just keep your seam to about 1/4″, to keep the size of the finished bag the same as mine.  If you don’t serge, you might want to zig-zag your seam so that it does not ravel.


When I serge something like this, I finish off my seam at the top by using a large embroidery needle to thread the serging “tail” back along the seam.  This gives a nice look to the top of the bag.


Fold your bag right side out and press if needed.  Now, cut a cute piece of ribbon about 18″ long, and angle the ends.  With most ribbons, you can singe the edge of the ribbon with a lighter or a match very briefly, and this will keep your ribbon from fraying.  Mark your ribbon at 6″ with a dot (placement for your button), at 8″ (where you will stitch the ribbon to the wine bag at the side seam of the bag), and again at 13″ (placement for your button hole).


Choose a cute button, and make a buttonhole along the length of your ribbon at the 13″ mark.  Cut open the buttonhole.


Pin your ribbon at the 8″ mark to the side seam of the bag, and stitch to secure the ribbon.



At the 6″ mark of the ribbon, sew your cute button on, and you are finished!!!!  How simple is that?   Just look what you have created from a small piece of fabric!  Slip in a bottle of your favorite wine, and gift away!!!!



You haven’t spent much to create this Wine Bag …(probably nothing, as we all have fabric, ribbons, and buttons to spare)!!!  Your hostess will LOVE it!!!!



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